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Countless products and applications we encounter in our daily lives require specialized solutions in motion control. From simplistic to highly complex, the individuality of the different fields of application presents a diverse set of requirements for a motion control manufacturer. 

The Stabilus Group’s unique portfolio combines all the necessary expertise in vibration isolation, shock absorption, electromechanical drives, and more. The trajectory we set in 2016 to fortify ourselves through the acquisition of other companies (our expert brands) further bolsters our portfolio. 

When we look to the future, we think of innovation in the broadest of terms – even outside the bounds of Stabilus. We enable the multifaceted expertise of our diverse partners to join forces in our growing Motion Control Ecosystem. We aspire to be equipped for the acceleration of change and to be able to meet your requirements tomorrow just as well as we do today.

The Industrial Brands of the Stabilus Group
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In addition to the so-called expert brands, Stabilus SE is involved in other brands related to motion control. The aim of the strategic partnerships is to expand the product range in the area of motion control. The various shareholdings enable optimal additions to the Stabilus Group's product portfolio in the area of motion control.

Facts and Key Figures

The Stabilus Group is a leading global supplier of motion control systems and solutions. Around 6,400 employees generated global sales of 1.1 billion euros in 2022. 32 locations in 18 countries underpin our claim of strong regional customer support.  

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