Innovative motion control solutions – aligned with megatrends The Stabilus Innovation Tree

Constant change is the new normal, whether it’s about market shifts, the momentum of new technologies, or people’s expectations of society and the environment. 

The better a company’s ability to anticipate future trends purposefully and preemptively, the higher its chances of using this skill to create a sustainable competitive edge.

Calculated participation in the megatrends of industry and society

The Stabilus Group orients itself based on the need to keep its innovations in line with megatrends. An important strategic tool for this is our Innovation Tree. It shows the directions in which our motion control solutions are to develop in the short- and long-term: 

  • modern industry
  • human welfare
  • urban life
  • next-generation vehicles

Unforeseen situations also arise, although some can become a catalyst for new trends. For instance, the COVID-19 pandemic in particular drove society to fortify its focus on health. We remain vigilant in order to detect such developments so that we can accelerate innovation in our markets in a targeted manner.