Energy without adverse effects Attenuation technology for Power plants and power grids

In transformers and reactors all along the power generation and transmission chain, there are vibrations and structure-borne sound that need to be contained. For this, operators of power plants, grids, and substations rely on isolation products from Fabreeka, a renowned expert brand of the Stabilus Group. And they’ve been doing so for decades.  

During all those years of counting on Fabreeka products, the significance of renewable energy generation has increased exponentially. Even in wind power systems, Fabreeka® pads, Fabcel® pads, and isolation washers and bushings are in large-scale use. They help isolate vibrations under generators and drives. Isolation products from Fabreeka likewise help prevent metal-to-metal contact between rotating parts and rotors. The result is a considerable reduction in wear and material fatigue. 

Exactly what’s needed from the start

Energy systems are highly complex and often necessitate solutions that are adapted to on-site conditions. We have honed our methodology for collaborating with consulting and EPC companies. This proficiency enables us to support the development of foundation isolation for steam and gas turbines in a way that perfectly meets requirements as early as the design phase. We of course also consider all other challenges that are to be solved with vibration damping.

Protecting transformers and foundations

We offer a variety of standard vibration isolation mounts for noise and vibration isolation of transformers. Our solutions are designed for small transformers weighing up to 10,000 pounds (approximately 4,536 kg). The Fabreeka portfolio also includes custom solutions for large transformers in substations. All solutions reduce noise and vibrations for single- and three-phase transformers. Our products also protect concrete from vibration-induced fatigue. Noise levels are reduced by an average of 3 to 5 decibels. Reduction by as much as 8 decibels is possible, depending on the specific configuration of the transformer.

Turnkey – we do that

Customers around the globe count on Fabreeka products to achieve vibration isolation for turbines and isolation for motor generators. Product lines that meet these needs include Fabreeka pads, Fabreeka isolation washers and bushings, and Fabcel pads. Foundation isolation products such as FAB-EPM, FAB-EFP, and FabsorbTM are also designed for isolation of motor generators. We offer turnkey solutions for this category of needs. Simply let us handle it all, including demolition, foundation design, and concrete work.