How a tried-and-true product leads to innovation again and again Locking gas springs

Locking gas springs are the beating heart of the Stabilus Group, with the BLOC-O-LIFT line as a product of our core brand of Stabilus.

With this broad product range, you can provide a solution for practically any task that involves custom adjustment of objects and furniture – whether a swivel chair, hospital bed, sit-stand desk, RV table, or armchair. 

BLOC-O-LIFT is available in the tried-and-true standard type or in a diverse range of versions for special functions or mounting requirements.


  • our standard, elastic locking
  • rigid locking, vertical mounting
  • rigid locking, any mounting orientation
  • with override function


  • over-bed table for hospital beds


  • easy adjustment of table heights

Mechanical actuation system

  • for lockable gas springs

To the BLOC-O-LIFT portfolio

Want more information? The website of our core brand, Stabilus, has all the information you’re looking for on the entire line of our locking BLOC-O-LIFT gas springs.

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