Automatic opening and closing Electromechanical drives for the automotive industry

Comfort and safety – that’s what drivers expect when opening and closing their trunk, for example. 

That’s exactly what automatic damper drives from Stabilus offer. With POWERISE systems, doors and tailgates can be opened and then closed again inside of just a few seconds. 

From component manufacturer to system supplier

Stabilus not only develops the optimum drive technology for damper actuators for the automotive industry, but is also responsible for the overall function as a system supplier. Whether automatic opening, closing or stopping, programming intermediate positions or the detection of external force - the harmonious interaction of kinematics, counterbalancing and electrical as well as electronic components provides the basis for these functions of the damper actuators.

Door open, door closed – the right drive for every vehicle

No matter the vehicle, we offer the perfect solution for every application. Under this philosophy, we have successfully seen numerous technological concepts through to series production. That’s why our research into optimization of weight, construction size, and noise keeps the modular concept in the foreground. We resolutely use as many common parts as possible, yielding advantages for you as an automobile manufacturer and supplier in the form of qualitative characteristics and economy. Capitalize on our project experience and the rigorous developments we have already concluded in the design of your damper drive application.

Benefits to you:

  • Open and close tailgates in seconds
  • Retention in any intermediate position
  • Added safety thanks to integrated sensors
  • Optimal design for any vehicle type
  • Advantages in qualitative characteristics and economy thanks to modular concept

A job for the shop:

Please note that our electromechanical drives are not suitable for retrofitting. They can only replace drives that are part of factory/series production. Please consult your trusted auto shop in this case.


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