Technology specific to your requirements – developed just for you, with cost-effective production Custom solutions

As a product manufacturer, you have a specific set of requirements – whether stipulated by certain legal regulations or stemming from a unique product idea.

We at the Stabilus Group can meet the lion’s share of these requirements with off-the-shelf products from our modular system. For any need left unfulfilled, we come up with a custom solution to offer. 

From design to production – quick and custom

Our specialists will be happy to work with you to create the perfect custom solution, pulling from every product range, expert brand, and site that makes up the Stabilus Group. That’s how we go from an existing product to a special model for your specific requirements.

Our view is that design, development, and production go hand in hand with universal data sets – so that we can work together to overcome your challenges quickly. We’re looking forward to your request!