High-quality design, elegant movement Gas springs, dampers, and rotary dampers for home furniture

Whether a tiny home or a traditional one, stylish or minimalistic, don’t we all just want to relax inside our own four walls? To have the practical things we use every day available in a way that makes storage and retrieval simple and elegant? 

Solutions from the Stabilus Group play a key role here. They provide automatic force-assisted opening at a set speed for variable positioning, secure retention, cushioned adjustment, and pleasant acoustics. Whether it’s about multi-functionality, variability or simplicity, comfort or security – we make everything that defines high-quality furniture design possible.

Our expertise

Thanks to their compact design and simple installation, our gas springs, dampers, and rotary dampers contribute to intelligent technical design and high quality in home furniture. And of course, they are maintenance free, exceptionally long lasting, and self-explanatory for the user in terms of function.

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One strength of our products is the gentle cushioning of movement during opening and closing of panels and compartments. Examples range from hi-fi furniture to cabinet doors, covers, and drawers. They play an important role even in the adjustment of a sofa. Upholstered furniture outfitted with Stabilus and HAHN gas springs fulfills every desire for comfort. At the push of a button, headboards and backrests glide into the desired position. And table height is adjusted in one hand motion – quickly, comfortably, and without a loss in stability or strength.


Gas springs are the perfect auxiliary element for furniture designers and manufacturers working to make life in the home just a little bit easier. They open up a world of possibilities, as they are compact and ready for use anywhere. Gas springs make it possible to set the opening and closing speeds of panels and covers to a specific value. Gentle force assistance is also afforded to the movement of these components.

Stabilus Group gas springs, dampers, and rotary dampers guarantee gentle lowering of hi-fi furniture and panels to protect their hinges. This is how they connect maximum functionality with an attractive design.

Our solutions at a glance


Hydraulic motion dampers


Gas springs for lifting, lowering, moving, and adjusting


Gas springs with lock in inserted position


Locking gas springs


Gas springs for variable angle adjustment


Locking gas springs for variable height adjustment of tables


Modern kitchens are living spaces – and they should accordingly be aesthetic and functional. Doors and fittings on kitchen cabinets can be opened with incredible ease with the help of our gas springs and dampers. They can be positioned with infinite variability and will not close on their own. This increases the safety of their operation and protects components. Opening and closing, easy outward hinging, and secure positioning – our products can make operation safer and more comfortable anywhere, and they make the kitchen more inviting and longer lasting.

More design flexibility

As a kitchen furnishings manufacturer, you can let your imagination run wild in your interior design plans. Wherever clever storage space solutions are needed, wherever devices need to disappear behind a discreet facade, our gas springs and dampers serve up solutions even in the smallest of spaces.

Our solutions at a glance


Gas springs for lifting, lowering, moving, and adjusting


Gas springs for lifting, lowering, and adjusting with variable positioning


Gas springs for variable adjusting and secure locking


Beds, multi-functional sofas, folding beds, Murphy beds, or sofa beds – easy operation and a comfortable and ergonomic place to lie down are the be-all and end-all. Products from the Stabilus Group guarantee easy handling and ergonomic movement of all adjustable parts. 

On many traditional beds, the headboard and footboard as well as the entire slatted bed base and the mattress lift up: for example, to store the bed linen in the under-bed storage drawers in a flash. With optional locking gas springs, the drawer stays open reliably, thereby also protecting children and four-legged friends. In spite of its size and weight, the bed box can be positioned safely and sleekly without the use of brute force.


Sleeping surfaces can be adjusted to the necessary position for sleeping – smoothly, with infinite variability, and securely, thus ensuring a good night’s rest. Bed components and base can be placed in the desired position with incredible ease, and downward movements can be gently slowed.

Our solutions at a glance


Gas springs for lifting, lowering, moving, and adjusting 


Gas springs for variable height and angle adjustment


Gas springs for variable angle adjustment without actuating mechanism