Hydraulic dampers, adjustable hydraulic dampers, gas dampers Adjustable hydraulic dampers

Industrial applications, the furniture industry, systems and vehicle manufacturing, emergency egresses in heavy trucks such as mining excavators – in all of these applications, a critical aspect is the effective management of movement and vibrations.

The Stabilus Group’s versatile hydraulic dampers for motion, stopping, and vibration are right in their element here.

Gas dampers from the Stabilus Group: improving workplace safety as well as comfort in equipment operation

At one end of the spectrum of possibilities are relatively simplistic motion dampers. They prevent the uncontrolled slamming of panels – and ensure that these panels open and close in a comfortable, cushioned, and safe manner. They even slow the movement of elements that cannot be allowed to free fall, such as presses and pipes.

Also part of the portfolio are vibration dampers, which help prevent damage to machinery and maintain the smooth workflow that protects equipment in the applications they facilitate. 

Individually adjustable – secure and maintenance-free for the full service life

Working with our hydraulic dampers is also smooth and easy, as the entire portfolio is maintenance free, durable, and characterized by high standards in quality and safety. The damper type and design are of course aligned with your requirements, dimensions, and connections.