Comfort and safety take flight Motion control components for aviation and aerospace

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We translate your requirements for motion control components into technically sophisticated, progressive products. Their main task: to move moving aircraft parts such as seats or baggage compartments safely, unmistakably and pleasantly. To do this, we think into the future, look at tasks from unusual angles - and thus come up with visionary solutions to ...

  • increase flight safety
  • relieve flight crews
  • improve passenger comfort 
  • reduce emissions through continuous weight reduction.

As a full-service supplier, we offer ready-to-install solutions and services that leave nothing to be desired in terms of quality, reliability, on-time delivery and innovation.


In addition to consistent lightweight construction and comfort, our product range stands out through one particular fact: We offer mechatronic motion control components. This opens up entirely new possibilities for you, because even where installation space is limited, these innovative products score points for their considerably greater functionality, flexibility, and safety in comparison with conventional solutions.

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