Shaping the motion control technology of tomorrow together Innovation

Our world runs on movement. And it’s constantly changing. New requirements that necessitate new solutions from product manufacturers crop up everywhere,

and the Stabilus Group is a worldwide-leading place to get those solutions. Innovative motion control is one of the main components of our DNA, from developing products further along their evolutionary path to redefining what’s possible. We cover it all: new functionalities, increased sustainability, and consistent integration throughout overall systems. 

Creativity and watchfulness for what’s possible

With innovation at Stabilus, targeted alignment with your needs is a main objective. That’s why you as our customer collaborate closely with our team starting from the earliest stages of development. We are constantly sounding out new trends from customers’ specific requirements in order to implement them in our worldwide network of experts and our growing motion control ecosystem. As a leader in innovation, we aim to hold our place as your number one partner in shaping the future, creatively and on the lookout for what’s possible.