Huge forces – gently intercepted Safety shock absorbers

Whether a household application or enormous industrial equipment, how do you prevent moving elements from slamming full force into structures? In cases like this, it’s not just equipment integrity in jeopardy – it’s likely that the safety of personnel is ultimately in serious danger as well.

Safety shock absorbers from the Stabilus Group provide an important service here. They absorb the energy of the impact and limit the forces that affect – and could damage – nearby components. Not to mention that these same effects also keep noise emissions within limits. 

Bridge crane case study

An impressive and noteworthy example application is that of a bridge crane’s braking function. For this application, safety shock absorbers are installed on the ends of the two parallel rails. In this position, they protect the load being carried as well as the crane’s structure itself with every impact. The heavyweights of the safety shock absorber line are rated for up to 126,500 Nm per stroke to ensure effective braking of loads between 700 kg and 326 tons. 

Protection on an XXL scale

Tell us what you need – we’ll deliver. This also includes crash dampers, viscoelastic shock absorbers in extra-heavy-duty ratings, and safety shock absorbers for emergency stopping. 

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