Simply better driving with Stabilus Gas springs and dampers for buses

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Long drives, pleasant old memories? Our technology contributes to a positive experience for bus drivers and passengers.

One factor that helps passengers feel comfortable is easy adjustment of the seat back provided by lockable gas springs from Stabilus. Another factor is the easy opening and closing of luggage compartment doors – which also need to stay closed even when the ride gets bumpy. 

As for the driver, a high-quality, ergonomic driver’s seat is a valuable asset for combating fatigue and muscle tension. Stabilus gas springs cushion vibrations and provide intuitive, ergonomic adjustment here.


Our products provide welcome support in the opening, positioning, and closing of side panels. POWERISE spindle drives assist with convenient powered adjustment. Our gas springs deliver force-assisted movement while comfortably damping vibration at the same time. As a manufacturer, you can thus use them to make your door systems safer, quieter, and more ergonomic. 

Dampers integrated into the driver’s seat reliably cushion undesirable impacts and impart to the driver an overall feel of comfort in their seat. Where practical, we can of course also integrate the gas springs into the seat adjustment upon request.

How you benefit

  • High level of comfort thanks to force assistance for easy opening
  • Customer satisfaction due to cushioned movement
  • Cost-effectiveness through maintenance-free operation

Our solutions at a glance


Gas springs for optimal counterbalancing during lifting and lowering


Gas springs for variable height and angle adjustment


The specialists for gentle damping