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Freight transport and travel near and far – rail is celebrating a comeback in many journeys as an effective, environmentally friendly means of transportation.

And it's not just about punctual and safe transport – on new and existing lines alike, passengers expect luxurious travel and, put simply, nice passenger seats. Gas springs and hydraulic dampers from Stabilus do their part, whether in adjusting the seat back or opening and closing doors.

It’s likewise important to protect the car itself. Dampers incorporated into the pantographs ensure that the force of an impact isn’t imparted to the components and doesn’t jeopardize the power supply. 


Travel over rails often implicates high requirements, both for comfortable adjustment of seat backs and for protection of the pantograph on the roof of the locomotive or railcar. Our dampers get to show off their full potential here. They guarantee smooth opening and closing even of stowage compartment doors. Thanks to excellent holding strength, hinged covers stay closed securely throughout the entire journey.

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