Lifting loads, moving loads – safely and ergonomically Intralogistics

As a manufacturer of pallets and racks, storage and retrieval machines, or crane systems, lifting and moving loads are your areas of expertise. Safe, powerful, ergonomic.

The Stabilus Group portfolio contains cutting-edge technological solutions that provide effective support for your innovative products. Gas springs that enable safe movements, safety shock absorbers, profile dampers, vibration isolators, and more for braking of masses and for reliable emergency stop triggering. 

This is how we deliver on your value proposition for comfort, reliability, and durability in all situations. 

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Pallets and racks

Many projects center around one question: “How can we move more material within a smaller space – not just for cost-effectiveness, but also for sustainability?” Our gas springs open many possibilities here for using folding elements in a safe, stable, ergonomic, and clever manner.

Our portfolio contains the right answer for all of your customers’ needs. At one end of the spectrum are pallets and racks for simple loading, with the gas spring serving only to support the folding mechanism. At the other end of the spectrum are solutions for highly sensitive parts that require special protection during transport.

High-bay warehouses and storage and retrieval machines

In logistics centers and industrial intralogistics systems, high-bay warehouses and storage and retrieval machines must often “perform” 24/7. That makes the protection of personnel and technology all the more important. 

Good thing Stabilus Group’s heavy-duty dampers can also reliably handle braking of large masses and heavy weights. Our safety shock absorbers also ensure safe emergency stop operations to protect your employees and systems. 

Crane systems

Large loads, high value: Your crane system must provide secure end-position damping and reliable emergency stop operations even during a malfunction. 

With heavy-duty dampers from the Stabilus Group, you avert damage to the system and possible serious risks to people and equipment.