Comfort you can feel Gas springs and dampers
for automotive

When it comes to adjusting seats or opening, positioning, and closing tailgates or engine hoods, drivers and passengers rightfully expect a high degree of comfort and safety both on and off the road.

Stabilus Group gas springs and dampers for the chassis and interior are indispensable here. They ensure easy and safe movement, well-defined component travel, and gentle damping of vibrations. And as the structural elements of a vehicle, they meet the high demands placed on them in terms of durability and wear resistance.

Innovations with a history – for lifting, positioning, and lowering

We at the Stabilus Group have been developing gas springs and hydraulic dampers for more than 60 years to meet these requirements exactly. We are constantly expanding the application range of Stabilus products in the field of vehicle manufacturing through targeted developments. Wherever lifting, positioning, or lowering is needed, assets to you are compact design, a high degree of comfort alongside functionality, and innate operating safety. 

Gas springs in a class of their own

The automotive world is on the move - Stabilus develops, manufactures and supplies gas springs for it, which have an excellent name in the world market. 
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