Turn equipment vibrations into “good vibrations” Vibration isolators

Vibrations are a natural occurrence – but in many applications, they must be isolated to the fullest extent possible. This is the case for foundations, test benches, energy generation, heavy and industrial machinery manufacturing, and precision devices.

One example of the detrimental effect of vibrations is the transmission of oscillations to measuring devices via the ground, with the result of erroneous measurement data. Vibration isolators reduce the transmission of these disturbing frequencies and, for this example, improve measurement data.

Always the highest standards – whether series production or custom

Vibration isolation doesn’t change the excitation frequency itself; rather, it reduces vibrations. This is the principle we exploit to create what is an asset to you in the form of a wide-ranging portfolio. Solutions range from the standard – whether vibration isolation pads, damping pads, or rubber damping pads – to those manufactured exactly for your specific needs.