Comfort is moving in Home and building technology

Light, shade, and fresh air as well as safety: Windows and awnings are an integral part of construction. Skylights and windows for egress and smoke ventilation must all be easy to operate and ready for action at any time. 

Only then can the necessary level of safety even during a power outage or fire be guaranteed. Our gas springs and dampers fulfill all the requirements for comfort in today’s home and building technology. 

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Skylights lend spaces a particular type of flair. They let in more light than a dormer window and open up your view to the outside world. The big challenge: The bigger they are, the more light they let in – and the heavier they become. A corresponding amount of force assistance is needed for manual opening and closing.


When equipped with Stabilus Group gas springs, even very heavy skylights can be opened and closed with ease and comfort. They also enable you to adjust the window to intermediate positions, thus providing secure protection.

Emergency exit window

In an emergency, egress windows that are part of exit routes must open quickly and easily. Egress windows also improve roof accessibility for chimney sweeps and contractors. 


Retention in intermediate positions prevents windows from inadvertently slamming shut. With our gas springs, windows can be variably adjusted to any position and securely locked.

Smoke vent windows and flaps

In the event of a fire, smoke vent windows and panels as well as fire protection windows create a chimney effect: These windows open automatically upon smoke development, pulling the smoke outside via the draft.


When a fire starts, smoke vent windows and panels must open reliably. Our heavy-duty gas springs and dampers are installed under tension or are “compressed” via a gas cartridge.  Gas spring damping helps prevent damage to the fire protection window or smoke vent panel. It also keeps the smoke vent panel from opening too wide. That means that it can’t hit the roof or cause damage to property due to excessive tension.

Folding-arm awnings

Awnings are an increasingly popular option for sun shading. Unlike patio umbrellas that just cause problems during bad weather, the permanent attachment of awnings means they generally require less work. Moreover, the structure is considerably lighter with our gas springs, leaving you with more freedom for whatever design ideas you dream up. 


Stabilus Group gas springs have a uniform force curve, as opposed to conventional tension springs, which have an ever increasing force curve. This generally makes it easier to extend and retract awnings. Our gas springs also extend the life of the awning material by softening traction forces.

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