The new lifestyle for being on the go Gas springs and dampers for campers, mobile homes, and trailers

Traveling by motor home or RV or with a trailer in tow is a pastime that’s really booming, both for weekend trips and cross-country travel. 

The freedom and personal comfort of a home on wheels carries irresistible appeal. 

Innovations – translated into maximum comfort in travel

For this dynamic industry, we at the Stabilus Group develop innovative, long-lasting, durable products for maximum comfort in travel. Our product applications span from the powered adjustment of pop-up roofs to gas springs with dynamic damping for use in horizontal and vertical panels in mobile homes and RVs. 

Making it work – we make the automotive industry’s high standards a reality for the RV world.

Pop-up roofs, lift beds, and doors

Our products help smooth out opening operations and securely maintain the open position of pop-up roofs, lift beds, side panels, and doors even against wind and weather. This allows those who live and travel in mobile homes or RVs to have both hands free no matter what they’re doing. Comfortable damping during closing operations contributes to a feeling of luxury.

Luggage compartment, storage space, and side panels

Our gas springs also support smooth operation of luggage compartment, storage space, and side panels. The STAB-O-SHOC shows what it’s really made of during closing. It cushions downward movement in a controlled manner and sets new standards for comfort in the closing of panels. Loud slamming and strong hold-open forces of heavy and large panels are problems of the past. 

Cabinet doors and seating

Cabinet doors and seating glide in the direction you need at a precise opening speed, right into position. Our gas springs facilitate lifting of folding beds and lifting roofs, and they keep them open securely. They also ensure closure that is quiet, controlled, and reliable.

Our solutions at a glance


Spindle drives for the safe movement of pop-up roofs, rear garages & lift beds


Continuously adjustable gas springs for horizontally and vertically opening side flaps, doors, side windows, skylights, height-adjustable TV lift systems, awnings, etc.


Gas springs for, among other things, horizontally and vertically opening side flaps, doors, side windows, skylights, height-adjustable TV lift systems, awnings , trailer tailgates and pop-up flaps, partition walls ...


Lockable gas springs for height-adjustable tables, lift beds, height-adjustable TV lift systems, etc.


Braking and damping of moving masses and vibrations - overrun brake dampers for trailers, controlled lowering of flaps, braked movements of heavy weights