Manufacturers set it for the driver to sit on Gas springs and dampers for driver and passenger seats

Driver and passenger seats

Whether you’re the driver or the passenger, if you’re sitting a lot and for a long time, comfort seems to be less of a luxury and more of a vital aspect of healthful working practices and comfortable travel.

For ground transportation, construction sites, bus travel, and more

Stabilus Group’s dampers accomplish a lot, such as improving ergonomics in the driver’s seat of large trucks or serving as a locking gas spring for the buddy seat. Our dampers also provide protection against vibrations and impacts in agricultural, forestry, and construction machinery as well as in intralogistics. 

A further application area of our locking gas springs: passenger seats with seat back and footrest adjustments – whether in airplanes, trains, or travel buses. Gas springs are even used in folding seats on public buses. 


The spring characteristics of our gas springs and dampers can be individually customized as needed. Critical factors are the weight of the operator as well as the characteristics of the ground being driven on. 

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