From manufacturer of the Stabilisator to the global expert in motion control History

It started with a need – and the right eye for it. Even a decade and a half after the First World War, the streets in Germany were still in bad shape. 

We improved stability and security with our Stabilisators. And that’s how, in 1934, an importer of US-made vehicles became the industrial and trading company Stabilus: Stabil + US.

We look forward to celebrating a moving 90-year company history in 2024 and at the same time we set the milestones for a successful future.

Consistent path to the world markets – strategic expansion

Strategic growth consequently led to the company’s global alignment. It started in 1978 with sites in Spain, Italy, England, the US, Mexico, and Brazil. 1986 saw the start of expansion into Asia with sales branches in Singapore and Japan.

The 2000s brought important technological innovations and strategic maneuvers. In 2014, Stabilus S.A. celebrated its debut on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The company grew to become the Stabilus Group in 2016 with acquisition of the brands ACE, Fabreeka, HAHN, and Tech Products. General Aerospace, Clevers, and Piston followed in 2019. 

History as a prerequisite for a successful future

For its future, Stabilus is determined to set clear trends as the world market leader in intelligent motion control technology. In other words, to build on its successful history of nearly nine decades.