From the vision to successfully shaping the future STAR 2030 strategy

Global megatrends such as globalization, digitalization, climate change, and the competition for talent are driving transformation in the industry. 

Constant adaptation and the willingness to help actively shape change will also be key factors for the future success of the Stabilus Group.

Lucrative growth

The Stabilus Group has been experiencing a pattern of growth for many years. To further this positive development, our STAR 2030 strategy sets up solid, high-impact growth in all regions. We intend to capitalize on opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region. A further point of focus is on the development of a broad industry portfolio, the objective being to make our success even more independent from market fluctuations.

Customer and employee satisfaction

We aspire to make our company the first choice for employees and customers alike. We see the attraction of both groups as two sides of the same coin: Personal fulfillment and motivation of those who work for us are essential foundations for excellent performance. And when this in turn satisfies you, our customer, you will continue to trust our products, solutions, and services in the future.


We are meeting the rapid transformation of our markets and customer expectations head-on with purposeful development of our product offerings, system solutions, and software expertise. There will indeed be high demand and strong innovation potential for our mechanical products in the future. In parallel with this, we are charging forward with new applications that are smart, digitalized, automated, and integrated into overall solutions. 


Ecological, economical, and social sustainability play a fundamental role in our values. Through the implementation of our strategy, we will have considerably reduced the Stabilus Group’s global carbon emissions by 2030 – just one of many examples of executing sustainability initiatives. We are likewise substantiating our appreciation for serving as a “model corporate citizen,” demonstrating exemplary behavior in all of our company’s practices.