Small motion control device, major effect Rotary dampers

The application versatility is practically endless, ranging from drawers and toilet seats to machine covers and glass panels over commercial displays. 

What do all these applications share in common? Our rotary dampers can provide a valuable service in each by ensuring safely controlled rotating or linear motion.

Safe movement with a feeling of luxury

From small to heavy-duty rotary dampers, our products do more than just control movement – they also protect delicate components while increasing the quality and value of the products they are part of. They serve as invisible, easy-to-integrate assistants wherever they are used. The movements of your product can be designed to work in gentle harmony with operation by the user, whether for continuous rotation or limited pivoting angles. They can provide rotational control to the right, to the left, or to both sides. 

Wide range of damping torques from 0.05 Ncm to 40 Nm

Stabilus Group rotary dampers with damping torques from 0.05 Ncm to 40 Nm are perfect for practically any application – plus, some models come in adjustable versions. And they’re even maintenance free for their entire service life.