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As a member of the truck manufacturing industry, you’re already aware that the requirements for longevity, functionality, and even sustainability of vehicles are continuously increasing. A big requirement for end customers and distributors is to use drivers’ time as productively as possible while minimizing fatigue.

Stabilus gas springs in their different executions make a significant contribution here. They make the driver’s seat an ergonomic, comfortable “workplace,” and they ensure safe, practical operation of the various panels in the cabin and the cargo hold. 

There are also innovative applications that focus on the side and roof spoilers. Gas springs keep them securely in position, achieving two clear goals: high quality and consumption optimization.

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Stabilus gas springs ensure comfortable opening, secure positioning, and cushioned closing of all doors and panels on large trucks. Additional protective devices for the gas spring, such as a locking tube, can securely prevent unintended closing of even heavy components. Among all of these characteristics, our gas springs stand out through their easy installation and maintenance-free operation. Dampers reliably and gently cushion uncomfortable impacts. And the development goes even further: The use of leading POWERISE spindle drive technology is creating new applications in the truck segment – we’ll keep you posted.

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