Vibration control for pipelines and drilling rigs Damping technology for traditional energy

Vibrations, structure-borne sound, and noise constitute particular challenges along the entire upstream and midstream sections of the traditional energy sector value chain. Whether for directional drills, offshore oil platforms, drilling rigs, gas and oil pipelines, or fracking trucks, it’s about protecting people, vehicles, infrastructures, and electronics.

High-frequency vibrations cause the metal of pipes, mounts, and pipe clamps to wear out more quickly. This is especially true of ultrasonic and hypersonic pulsations caused by gas at the compressor stations of natural gas lines. Fatigue fractures then lead to pipeline damage and accidents sooner or later. Expertly designed mechanical protection is required to abate such vibrations.         

Keeping cool at any temperature: damping for pipelines

The Stabilus Group designed the  Fabreeka® preformed fabric pad for exactly such purposes. Its very strong damping effects on mechanical mounts help isolate pipeline vibrations, improve thermal flexibility, reduce unwanted noise, and prevent uneven contact pressure. 

With the Fabreeka Preformed Fabric Pad, you can select from different thicknesses to suit your application. This product is available with a  PTFE Teflon® surface ffor thermal expansion and isolation at high temperatures. Fabreeka expansion bearings, which are usually installed below pipes, also enable thermal expansion without fatiguing pipelines and clamps.

Good for people and for technology: minimizing vibrations on drilling rigs

Potentially damaging vibrations are also present on drilling rigs. They are generated by mud pumps, compressors, generators, and other rotating equipment and are transmitted to the decks of the drilling rig. Even here, the Stabilus Group offers solutions such as Fabreeka isolation materials in an effort to make life and work on the drilling rig as quiet as possible and to minimize the fatigue of material structures.

Quieter and longer lasting: from the directional drill to the fracking truck

Customers from the traditional energy sector will also strike it rich with another expert Stabilus Group brand: Tech Products. An example of our areas of expertise includes bearings for isolating vibrations generated by engines, pumps, and compressors. Our products are also used in engine aftertreatment systems. Also noteworthy is that our bearings protect electronic control panels, and even the operator in the cabin, against vibrations and impacts. There are clear benefits to be had in increased operator comfort, longer service life of equipment, and quieter operation.

Our solutions at a glance

Fabreeka® Preformed Fabric Pad

More than required by MIL-C-882 and MIL-E-5272 standards


For the entire temperature range from up to -54°C to +93°C

Fabreeka Expansion Bearings

Expansion bearings for high rotating and reactive loads

Tech Products
Our bearing arrangements for a wide range of applications

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