Safely stopped before the fall Industrial shock absorbers

A weight of several dozen or hundred pounds, traveling along two metal bars – and in free fall? The hope is obviously that this never becomes anything more than a terrible nightmare.

Stabilus industrial shock absorbers hold their own in heavy-duty applications such as in steel mills and construction and when pouring foundations. For instance, they ensure safe traversing in a broad range of production processes.

Heavy coils, strong damping

Steel production provides a clear-cut example. In a rolling mill, finished sheet metal is wound into coils, craned off the production line, and deposited in a designated location. Industrial shock absorbers from the Stabilus Group provide an important service here, as they minimize the force of impact when setting down the extremely heavy coils.

Proven principle, high-quality design

When the force of the weight is absorbed by the shock absorber, the piston rod is pushed into the cylinder. The shock absorber contains hydraulic oil. The piston displaces the oil, causing it to flow through small orifices and into a cavity. The further the piston is pushed into the shock absorber, the slower the piston’s travel speed, all the way down to zero – even when large forces and accelerations are imparted. 


Industrial shock absorbers from ACE

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